The Interesting Hermes Kelly and Birkin Bag History


                 Hermes is a very well known fashion house and brand that is loved by women all over the world. The brand has come up with many unique creations when it comes to handbags, over the years; however, one bag which remains very famous till date is the Hermes Kelly bag which was named after the actress Grace Kelly.

The beautiful actress Grace Kelly also happened to be the Princess of Monaco, and upon her pregnancy after her marriage, she was not very comfortable showing her bulging belly to the media. As a result of that, on her public appearances, she was found to be hiding her pregnancy with her Hermes bag. When more and more people got to know about this little secret, pictures of the actress hiding her pregnancy with her handbag were spread all over the world. The bag then became so famous that it started to be known as the “Kelly Bag”.

Even though Hermes has a “Birkin Bag”, named after the actress Jane Birkin, the Kelly Bag seems to have surpassed that in terms of hype and popularity. It takes around two alligators’ skin to make one Kelly Bag, and the hardware and the design is so classic and beautiful, that the bag is indeed a masterpiece. On more research about the handbag, it was found out that it takes around 18 hours to produce just one such bag.

Jane Birkin in a young age !

( Jane Brikin the Co designers of the Bag name after her self, And she signed it)

The Hermes Kelly Bag history story remains interesting and captivating till date, and the designs of the bags from Hermes, Paris, happen to be an inspiration for many new and upcoming fashion designers, and also for those working specifically in the handbag industry.

The Hermes bags can be easily found at any of the official Hermes outlets or with authorised dealers of Hermes bags. There are also many dealers of Hermes bags who have websites of their own, and sell these bags online with great offers of free shipping across the world, and some great discounts too.

There are many different colour options available, and over the years, the kind of materials chosen to design the Kelly bag have also changed, giving the classic design many new versions. You can find out about all these bags at the Hermes website, or at any of their outlets. So if you too are fascinated with the story and history behind the making of the Kelly Bag, then go and get yourself one of these bags today


Ruthie Davis

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SEX and the CITY

I spent my summer holiday in USA , I focus on shopping café’s ,fine dinning and the famouse places , iam not a tour fan unless its related to fashion ! my fav was “SEX AND THE CITY ” tour , I enjoyed every singel minute and saw more than 40 Location, but saddly iam on the most photos i took 😦 and will post for you more photos about city guides )in the coming post

😉 Enjoy.

Times Square

The pizza shop from the sex and the city

Taken by me

Oneal’s Bar

i Found the vintage shop next to Oneal’s more interesting than sitting @ Sex and the City bar lol


Taken by me


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Daily Look

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My Abaya and Tiffany&co keys collection

Exotic Designs abaya

Lady Dior  Bag

Van Cleef & Arpels  Ring