The Unforgettable trip Maldives <3

It was the best 5 relaxing days in my life ❤ ❤ !

 this is the small Capital MALE .

 We stayed  at W Retreat & Spa Lounge till our flight time to the resort

The water plane arrived and i didnt like it at alllllll ;( , its a bit scary but u need to experience that it worth !! we tooks 40 min’s to reach the island 😉 , i cant wait ! i have long list of activities to do !!

Taking off to the Island ! and YES the poilt was flying without shoes !

i feel so sleeply now  , Bonne nuit !

To be continued


Sea Shadow

Set in a small seaside neighbourhood in the United Arab Emirates, Sea Shadow follows teenagers Mansoor and Kaltham as they struggle with tradition and convention in their journey towards adulthood. Bound by family and deeply-rooted values, the pair must find the courage to forge their own paths.

Now in all UAE Cinmas

Dont miss it !