Where to relax in Abu Dhabi ?

Few weeks ago i spent half day at Rayan spa ,the serves was great , place was amazing and i recommend it highly !

Rayana Spa is your guide to desert wellness. Rayana treatments and rituals are holistically designed to instil power, beauty, and energy high above the city of Abu Dhabi.

Raising the resources of the Arabian Peninsula up to the sky, the desert comes to life, providing for your health, wellness and beauty at Rayana.

Here, the waters of rain and oasis provide us nourishing hydration. The warmth of the sun, awakening life after a cold night, fills us with new energy. The shifting sands of the dunes effect natural purity, while botanical life, flourishing under the harshest conditions, yields a majesty of beauty.

The reception

Waiting area , u can use the facilities for free

Welcome drink , ginger and lemon perfect !The suite

Feet treatment

and Finally they served this organic meal and it was tasty and fresh !

For booking Contact : RAYHA Spa

2 thoughts on “Where to relax in Abu Dhabi ?

  1. allaah seeems veery interesting , although im not a “Spa Girl Material” but am gonna try it with my hubby ;)))
    thanx sweety 4 sharing this

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