Launched by a group of Emirati girls, Ad-based event that aims at raising funds for charity through a day of fun activities and a home-businesses bazaar

the results was : 700+ visitors attended the fundraising event, and more than DHS370,000 raised up for charity  !! the event was amazing and great for kinds , girls and mothers !

This Was my Fav booth  ! so creative

another creative jewelry designer form Abu dhabi

Home Made Truffles , by young girls  so yumii !

Exotic Designs booth


web: http://www.3ownkom.com

1 thought on “3ownkom

  1. hi there..i love your blog, but you did not update them regularly. :). anyway, i would like to get in touch with the group that did the above event. Do you know them, if so, can you please introduce them to me? i went into their website, but it has delisted. tqvm

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