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Vogue Café Opens In Dubai


VOGUE will open a café in the Middle East later this year, in luxury retail space The Dubai Mall, following a partnership with experienced regional food and management company Inspired Group. GQ will open a bar in an international five-star hotel in 2013.

“Vogue Café Dubai is our first step into the Middle East market, and together with the GQ Bar, forms an integral part of Condé Nast International’s strategy to expand its celebrated media brands into restaurants and bars around the world,” said Condé Nast Restaurants director Stuart Nielsen. “We are working with the best local partners in Dubai, and will absolutely respect the laws and values of the land.”

The café will serve a selection of international cuisine, created Condé Nast Restaurants’ chef Gary Robinson, but will not offer alcohol as per national law and tradition. Condé Nast already runs a Vogue Café, GQ Bar and Tatler Club in Moscow, and the company will open another Vogue Café in Kiev in 2013

“We are proud to bring such respected brands to the region,” said Inspired Group co-founder Roger John. “This development further cements the UAE’s footprint as a key market for international luxury brands. Together with Condé Nast, Inspired Group will fulfill the diversity and demands of discerning consumers across the region.”

The Dubai Mall will also feature a Shoe District with a Sole Lounge by Margaret Dabbs, where customers can experience the renowned foot specialist’s amazing treatments for the first time outside of London.



The Jinn follows the life of a couple as they arrive back to the UAE, experiencing strange and unexplained things that lead them to discover things about their past,” said Rami Yasin, the head of production at Imagenation and one of the producers.

“The film is in Arabic with some English in it. Casting has begun in the UAE, Cairo, Amman and the US for Emirati and Arab characters and an American one, generally representative of the natural character and make-up of UAE society.”